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5/29/15 .EU registration for EUR 4.99 (net: 4.19)*

In June you register every .EU domain for only EUR 4.99 (net: 4.19)* instead of EUR 8.90 (net: 7.48)* from June 01 until June 30, 2015. …more

5/29/15 Price adjustment

Due to the strengthening of the dollar and new registration rules we have to increase the prices for AZ, .GE, .SO, .GB.COM and .KR.CO.


5/7/15 Taking over current name servers during a domain transfer

If you want to keep the current nameservers of your previous provider during a domain transfer you can select the desired settings in the course of the ordering process. …more

4/30/15 Domain Promotions in May 2015

In May you register every .PL for only EUR 2.98 (net: 2.50)* instead of EUR 19.90 (net: 16.72)*.


4/30/15 Support's availability on holidays in May

There will be no support on the holidays May 01, 2015,  May 14, 2015 and  May 25, 2015.


4/24/15 New terms and conditons for the registration of.SE domains

Introduction of new terms and conditions for the registration under .SE effective May 27, 2015


3/31/15 Information on the price adjustment due to the strong US Dollar exchange rate

As of May 1, 2015 we will increase the price as a percentage for all TLDs that are purchased in US Dollar.


3/27/15 Domain Promotions in April 2015

In April you register every .PL domain for only EUR 2.98 (net: 2.50)* instead of EUR 19.90 (net: 16.72)*.


3/27/15 Support's availability at Easter

At Easter there will be no support.


3/25/15 Maintenance on the 5th nameserver

On Monday, April 13, 2015 between 06:00 and 15:00 CEST there is a maintenance on the fifth nameserver (ns5.inwx.net).


2/2/15 Price adjustment for .INFO domains

As of May 01, 2015 all registrations, renewals and transfers will be charged with EUR 11.90 (net: 10.00)*.


1/30/15 .BERLIN Transfer for only EUR 29.99 (net: 25.20)*

In February you transfer every .BERLIN domains for only EUR 29.99 (net: 25.20)* instead of *EUR 39.00 (net: 32.77).


1/12/15 Short-termed maintenance

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 between 02:00 CET and 05:00 CET we need to do an important short-termed maintenance on our systems.