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Scheduled Maintenance / New IP address for AXFR zone transfers

martes 9 de abril de 2013

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 between 06:30 to 08:00 CEST we have a maintenance.

During this period the following services may not be available for a short break:

- Nameserver administration in your customer account
- Primary DNS (
- Secondary DNS (,,,

During the maintenance we will change our nameserver infrastructure to achieve a higher flexibility and stability. Furthermore, we will adapt our nameservers to the new infrastructure. Since the adaption of the nameservers is executed consecutively, the availability of your domains is ensured because of the other 4 nameservers.

When you operate your own Master DNS and you are using our Secondary DNS then you must change your nameserver configuration as well.

If you do not know whether you are using our Secondary DNS, then you can check this in the following way. Log in your customer account and click on the menu item "Nameserver". Then check if one of your nameserver entries contains the label "SLAVE" in green and uppercase letters. If so, then you are using our Secondary DNS so that you are affected by this change.

In the future, the execution of zone transfers (AXFR) will be executed by an own nameserver. Consequently, you need to allow zone transfers from your master DNS to the IP address
In case that you use DNS notifies then you need to input this IP address additionally as also notified IP address in your nameserver. Otherwise, only the nameservers in the NS resource records will be notified. You can add the IP address by inserting the 'also-notify' statement in the zones of a BIND nameserver and by inserting the keyword 'also-notify' in the table domainmetadata of a PowerDNS nameserver starting from version 3.0.

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