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Price adjustment for .TEL domains

martes 15 de octubre de 2013

The registry for .TEL domains will adjust the annual price in December 2013.

Because of our already favourable prices we have to pass on this increase.

As of December 01, 2013 .TEL domains will be charged with EUR 12.90 (net: 10.84) instead of EUR 11.90 (net: 10.00).

Until November 30, 2013 you still have the possiblity to renew your .TEL domains for the previous price of  11.90 (net: 10.00) for up to 10 years.

30/09/13 Ofertas en dominios para octubre de 2013

En octubre secobrará tan solo 4,95 (neto: 4,16) EUR por cada ragistro de dominio .NL.


30/09/13 changes the General Terms and Conditions

The new General Terms and Conditions for .AT domains will be valid as of October 01, 2013.


30/09/13 Support's availability on the German Unity Day

On the German Unity Day there will be no telephone support. In case of emergency contact us by e-mail.