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Price adjustments 2019-10-01

lunes 16 de septiembre de 2019

Due to increased costs in purchasing and our already very low prices, we unfortunately have to adjust the fees for some TLDs promptly. As of 2019-10-01 the prices for registrations, renewals and transfers of the following TLDs will increase:

by 0.54* (net: 0.45) EUR:
- business, company, futbol, irish, pictures, rocks 

by 1.07* (net: 0.90) EUR:
- agency, band, bargains, center, cheap, city, dance, directory, education, email, equipment, exposed, family, football, fyi, gallery, games, graphics, gratis, institute, international, jetzt, life, lighting, live, ltd, management, market, network, news, ninja, photography, photos, reisen, report, reviews, rip, run, schule, services, shopping, singles, soccer, solutions, studio, supplies, supply, support, systems, technology, tips, today, video, world 

by 1.62 * (net: 1.36) EUR:
- academy, actor, airforce, army, associates, auction, bike, boutique, builders, cab, cafe, cards, care, cash, catering, charity, chat, church, clothing, coffee, community, computer, construction, consulting, contractors, cool, deals, democrat, digital, direct, discount, domains, engineer, enterprises, estate, events, exchange, express, fail, fan, farm, fish, fitness, florist, forsale, foundation, gifts, gives, gmbh, gripe, guide, guru, haus, house, immo, immobilien, industries, kaufen, land, limited, marketing, mba, media, moda, money, navy, parts, plus, productions, properties, pub, rehab, rentals, repair, republican, sale, sarl, school, show, social, software, style, team, tools, town, training, vacations, vet, vision, watch, works, wtf, zone 

by 2.15* (net: 1.81) EUR:
- claims, condos, coupons, cruises, degree, fund, holdings, hospital, lease, mortgage, recipes, viajes, 商店

by 2.69* (net: 2.26) EUR:
- apartments, bingo, camera, capital, careers, cleaning, clinic, coach, codes, dating, delivery, dental, diamonds, dog, engineering, expert, finance, financial, flights, furniture, glass, golf, healthcare, hockey, holiday, insure, jewelry, kitchen, legal, maison, memorial, partners, plumbing, restaurant, shoes, solar, surgery, tax, taxi, tennis, theater, tienda, tours, toys, university, ventures, villas, vin, voyage, wine

by 3.23* (net: 2.71) EUR:
- camp, limo, pizza, salon 

by 7.14* (net: 6.00) EUR:
- tirol 

by 11.31* (net: 9.50) EUR:
- attorney, dentist, lawyer 

by 35.52* (net: 29.85) EUR:
- 企业 

You are welcome to renew your domains prematurely in your customer area by using the renewal menu and the "Renew" button of the same name to renew your domain via the shopping cart.

* Price incl. 19 % German VAT.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices include 19 % German VAT. Different tax rates may apply for your country. We show you the prices applicable for you in the customer area or under

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