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Feliz Navidad y AƱo Nuevo

viernes 20 de diciembre de 2019

INWX wishes Merry Christmas

"A Christmas greeting goes on its way 
with desires that festively decorate him 
and I would like to do it in a nice Christian way.
meet friends and make them happy.
Let the New Year guide you well
with luck, success and alert senses 
and even on New Year's Eve.
as the stars begin to shine with joy."
Jutta Kieber

We would like to thank all customers, business partners and colleagues for the wonderful cooperation this year.
In order to be able to support you again with full commitment in the coming year, the INWX team is taking a short break on the holidays. For this reason our support will not be available on 25.12.2019, 26.12.2019 and 01.01.2020. On 24.12.2019 our support will only be available via e-mail. Between and after the holidays we are available for you as usual and look forward to your inquiries and calls.

With our online help you will get quick and easy answers to your questions even outside of our support hours. Click on "Help" on our homepage and you will be directed to our online help system.

The INWX team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020!

20/12/19 ChristmasPROMO 2019 at INWX

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20/12/19 Changeover customer numbers

As our customer base is constantly growing, we have to add one position to our customer numbers in January 2020. All five-digit customer numbers will then be preceded by a 1. Our systems have been adapted in such a way that when incoming transfers are received, e.g. from existing standing orders, both the old and the new customer numbers are automatically assigned to the corresponding customer accounts. ā€¦mĆ”s

31/10/19 PROMOS in November 2019 at INWX

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