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API Update to Version 0.83

miércoles 5 de agosto de 2009


-changed paging default values
-added X-NO-HOST-CHECK parameter in method domain.create
-changed 'quick' parameter to X-NO-DOMAIN-CHECK parameter in method domain.create
-fixed: nameserver containing a '-' will be acepted
-fixed status bug in method domain.update
-merged methods and nameserver.inforecord to
-fixed bug when updating a namerserverset
-domain.whois is working now
-added return parameter 'readOnly' for nameserverset.list and method
-modified nameserverset.list behavior for the 'readOnly' parameter
-show domain log of the last day when no parameter is specified
-checks whether a domain push, renew or trade is allowed
-added 'builddate' and 'version' return values (login method)
-encoded date return values to the xml-rpc dateTime.iso8601 datatype
-encoded pdf return value to the xml-rpc base64 datatype in class pdf
-added possibility for HTTP-Authentication
-added method domain.getPrices
-updated the documentation

You can download the current PDF documentration here.

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