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.DEV: >>>48 hours COUNTDOWN<<<

Monday, February 25, 2019

In just a few hours the time has come: 48 hours until .DEV starts!

The new Toplevel Domain .DEV starts in the "General Availbility Phase" and can then be registered from every one!

Reserve your .DEV domain at INWX today and increase your chances of success for register your desired domain, when the GA starts.

More about .DEV:
Like .APP, .DEV is also a very secure domain. On the part of the registry, HSTS or HSTS preloading is activated for domains under this extension. Your domain can only be reached with SSL encryption.

What does "HSTS" and "HSTS preloading" mean?
HSTS means "HTTP Strict Transport Security" and is a method that informs the user and the web browser, such as the connection between the server and the web browser. When HSTS is activated, various parameters are set during the data transfer, forcing the website to establish an encrypted connection.

HSTS preloading, on the other hand, means that .DEV domains are automatically included in the directory of and that various browsers are included in this directory inform if only one encrypted connection is possible for this domain.

Thus, "HSTS" and "HSTS preloading" is an important element to make visiting websites much safer. This procedure applies by default to all registered .DEV domains and will be activated with every domain registration. Furthermore, this also means that HSTS can not be deactivated for an .DEV domain. The secure connection via HTTPS is no longer optional, but mandatory.

What do I have to do to use my new .DEV domain?
In order for your new domain to be accessible worldwide and become home to your app or website, it is necessary to have your web server or web hosting package "SSL sure" to make. This means: You need a suitable SSL certificate for your new domain, which is queried and verified with every call of your domain.

How can I order an SSL certificate for my .DEV domain?
If you have opted for an .DEV domain and now need the necessary SSL certificate, we will assist you in ordering and setting up the certificate very much to your side. If you use your own server or an external web hosting provider for your domains, we will need you to submit a certificate request. This is a .CSR file, which we need for issuing the certificate. Further information on how to create the certificate request can be found under the following link:

If, on the other hand, you want to connect and use your new .DEV domain with your INWX web space package, we will take care of all the necessary steps for you. Information about our offered SSL certificates can be found in our knowledge base at:

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