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SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate ensures that personal data such as names, addresses or credit card numbers cannot be read or changed by unauthorised third parties during transfer. SSL encryption is used, for example, in web shops and bank sites. Here it is indispensable, even mandatory when transmitting personal data.

In addition, the use of an SSL certificate has an impact on a website‘s ranking in search engines. Websites with their own SSL certificate are ranked higher and are therefore displayed higher up in the search results.

Security Level
Domain Type

Common name:

Security Level

Please choose the security level which describes your website best!

Domain Validation

will be issued in minutes
suitable for smaller websites, blogs, forums and mail servers

Organisation Validation

high trust value
suitable for smaller webshops and company websites

Extended Validation

very high trust value
suitable for online banks and large online shops

Domain Type

Please choose the number of domains you would like to secure!

Single Domain

secure one domain

Multi Domain

secure multiple domains


secure an unlimited number of subdomains


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