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.info Domain
1,67 €
13,00 €
/ year Registration
.me Domain
8,36 €
16,72 €
/ year Registration
.click Domain
2,51 €
6,71 €
/ year Registration
.link Domain
2,51 €
9,70 €
/ year Registration
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Domain Features

  • 24 hour real-time registration
  • Real-time nameserver management
  • Own Contacts
  • Own nameservers possible
  • Virtual nameservers possible
  • Secondary DNS with own nameservers
  • API programming interface (XML-RPC)
  • Header- and frame-redirect possible
  • Reliability through five nameservers
  • Traffic included
  • Support via phone
  • E-Mail Support with ticket system



As of November 16, 2015 the registration under .PRO will be possible for everybody without restrictions.


Our new website goes online. In near future, our responsive design will support automatic adaptation to mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. You will be able to manage your domains - or register new - on the road quickly and easily.


Between November 01, 2015 and January 31, 2016 you register every .CLICK and .LINK domain for only EUR 2.99* (net: 2.51).

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1)For new registrations plus 1.11 one-time fee.  2)Promo price valid for the first year and when payment is finished up to 2015-12-31 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).  3)Promo price valid for the first year and when payment is finished up to 2016-01-31 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).  4)For new registrations plus 1.26 one-time fee.  
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