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PROMOS in Februar 2020 at INWX

Friday, February 14, 2020

In Februar 2020 we offer you some selected domain endings for special conditions.
Benefit from discounts up to 97% on the registration of your desired domain!

- .click Domains with 40% discount for only EUR 8.56* (net: 7.19) EUR instead of EUR 14.28* (net: 12.00)
- Domains with 23% discount for only EUR 64.49* (net: 54.19) EUR instead of EUR 83.30* (net: 70.00)
- .pm Domains with 43% discount for only EUR 6.41* (net: 5.39) EUR instead of EUR 11.19* (net: 9.40)
- .fi Domains with 31% discount for only EUR 27.24* (net: 22.89) EUR instead of EUR 39.27* (net: 33.00)
- .es Domains with 59% discount for only EUR 6.18* (net: 5.19) EUR instead of EUR 14.90* (net: 12.52)
- .news Domains with 52% discount for only EUR 11.65* (net: 9.79) EUR instead of EUR 24.28* (net: 20.40)
- .center Domains with 85% discount for only EUR 3.56* (net: 2.99) EUR instead of EUR 23.32* (net: 19.60)
- .bayern Domains with 96% discount for only EUR 1.29* (net: 1.08) EUR instead of EUR 29.90* (net: 25.13)
- .nrw Domains with 97% discount for only EUR 1.29* (net: 1.08) EUR instead of EUR 39.90* (net: 33.53)
- .org Domains with 38% discount for only EUR 8.79* (net: 7.39) EUR instead of EUR 14.17* (net: 11.91)
- .shop Domains with 97% discount for only EUR 1.00* (net: 0.84) EUR instead of EUR 39.00* (net: 32.77)
The above prices apply to new registrations in the 1st year.
Transfers and extensions are at standard price.

* Price incl. 19% German VAT. Different tax rates may apply for your country.
We will show you the applicable prices in the customer area.

12/20/19 Merry INW-Xmas and a Happy New Year

INWX wishes Merry Christmas

Over the holidays our support will not be available on 25.12.2019, 26.12.2019 and 01.01.2020.
On 24.12.2019 our support will only be available via e-mail. Between and after the holidays we are available as usual and look forward to your inquiries and calls.

12/20/19 ChristmasPROMO 2019 at INWX

Register in December 2019 your desired domain with a discount of up to 50%!

12/20/19 Changeover customer numbers

As our customer base is constantly growing, we have to add one position to our customer numbers in January 2020. All five-digit customer numbers will then be preceded by a 1. Our systems have been adapted in such a way that when incoming transfers are received, e.g. from existing standing orders, both the old and the new customer numbers are automatically assigned to the corresponding customer accounts. …more