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PROMOS in March 2021 at INWX

Monday, March 1, 2021

In March 2021 we offer you some selected domain endings for special conditions.
Benefit from discounts up to 86% on the registration of your desired domain!
- .CASA Domains with 78% discount for only EUR 2,26* (net: 1,90) EUR instead of EUR 10,12* (net: 8,50)
- .VIP Domains with 86% discount for only EUR 4,17* (net: 3,50) EUR instead of EUR 29,00* (net: 24,37)
- .CO.UK Domains with 50% discount for only EUR 5,95* (net: 5,00) EUR instead of EUR 11,90* (net: 10,00)
- .TV Domains with 28% discount for only EUR 25,23* (net: 21,20) EUR instead of EUR 34,97* (net: 29,39)
- .WORK Domains with 27% discount for only EUR 6,55* (net: 5,50) EUR instead of EUR 8,93* (net: 7,50)
- .COM Domains with 35% discount for only EUR 8,33* (net: 7,00) EUR instead of EUR 12,86* (net: 10,81)
- .BLOG Domains with 80% discount for only EUR 5,95* (net: 5,00) EUR instead of EUR 29,89* (net: 25,12)
- .CAT Domains with 62% discount for only EUR 5,95* (net: 5,00) EUR instead of EUR 15,47* (net: 13,00)
- .LAT Domains with 77% discount for only EUR 9,52* (net: 8,00) EUR instead of EUR 42,03* (net: 35,32)
- .MOSCOW Domains with 52% discount for only EUR 4,76* (net: 4,00) EUR instead of EUR 9,90* (net: 8,32)
- .SHOP Domains with 74% discount for only EUR 10,10* (net: 8,49) EUR instead of EUR 39,00* (net: 32,77)
The above prices apply to new registrations in the 1st year. Transfers and extensions
are at standard price. Different prices may apply for premium domains.
* Price incl. 19% German VAT. Different tax rates may apply for your country.
We will show you the applicable prices in the customer area.

2/17/21 Happy Birthday .cloud: One of the most successful new domain extensions celebrates its fifth birthday.

.cloud officially turned five years old on Feb. 16. But what is a cloud and what does it have to do with computers? When people talk about uploading something into "the cloud", they usually mean storing data on a remote server.

So-called cloud computing providers have recognized the enormous potential in the business with the virtual cloud - and which domain could fit better than a .CLOUD domain? This is why .CLOUD domains are particularly popular with these providers. But also every private person is free to register their own .CLOUD domain. 


2/17/21 The devil is in the details - what are so-called typo domains?

If you are familiar with the domain world, you have probably heard about "typo domains". But even a beginner, who is not into domains and web hosting, probably has a rough idea of what is hidden behind this term.

Typo domains are domains that have similarities with another, already registered web address. Mistyped domains are often caused by a small inattention, while typing in the browser bar: A forgotten dot, letter or hyphen can lead the user to land on another website. But also misspelled letters, duplicated letters or classic spelling mistakes are popular sources of failure. 


1/31/21 PROMOS in February 2021 at INWX

Register in February 2021 your desired domain with a discount of up to 86%!