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.RIO Domain (Brazil)

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General Information for the domain extension .rio - Brazil

Eligibility policy:
The .RIO domain owner needs to be either
* a legal entity incorporated in Brazil with headquarters, branch, franchisee or licensee located in the city of Rio de Janeiro with active record in the Cadastro Nacional das Pessoas Jurídicas of the Finance Ministry (CNPJ/MF), or
* an individual with fixed address in the city of Rio de Janeiro with active record in Cadastro das Pessoas Físicas of the Finance Ministry (CPF/MF).
Meaning of Extension .rio is the official country domain (ccTLD) from Brazil.
Minimum and maximum length 3 - 63 characters
Time of registration In real-time
Registrar Transfer Yes, with Auth-Code
Trade Yes
Local contact needed
Transfer lock has to be removed before a transfer can be started
Manual renewal possible
The domain terms for .rio domains can be found at:
  • domain:create
    • BR-CPF
    • BR-CNPJ
  • domain:transfer
    • BR-CPF
    • BR-CNPJ
  • domain:update
    • BR-CPF
    • BR-CNPJ