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1.4. JSON response format

Example of a JSON-RPC success response:

            "code": 1000,
            "msg": "Command completed successfully",
            "resData": {
              "customerId": 10069,
              "customerNo": 110069,
              "accountId": 61140,
              "tfa": "0"

Example of a JSON-RPC error response:

            "code": 2003,
            "msg": "Required parameter missing",
            "reasonCode": "MISSING_ID",
            "reason": "The following parameter is missing: id",
            "details": [{ "code": "PARAM_MISSING", "msg": "The parameter 'id' is missing" }]

Return parameters:

  • code: Return code (described in Chapter 4: Result Codes)

  • msg: Return message (described in Chapter 4: Result Codes)

  • reasonCode: Additional short error message tag

  • reason: Additional error message

  • resData: Data result values

  • svTRID: The svTRID stands for Server Transaction Identifier and may be helpful if you contact our support team