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.CO-ngratulations: celebrating the 10-year anniversary

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Even though the country-specific top-level domain (ccTLD) of Colombia has been around since 1991, .CO is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer. How so? Only as of 2010 registrations are possible for everyone. Previously, this was reserved for citizens and companies from Colombia and only third-level domains could be registered. 

Since this major relaunch, the new registry has been aiming to market .CO as an alternative to .COM - and with great success.

Within 10 years almost 2.5 million domains have been registered.Although .COM domains are well ahead of .co with over 147 million registrations (as of January 2020), .co has great potential for growth, as numerous addresses are still available. This is one of the reasons why the domain ending is also very popular with start-ups and young companies.

Another reason is the worldwide significance and global value of recognition that .CO already has. More than 20 countries have already been using .CO for several years for corporate and/or commercial content on their websites (e.g.,,,, etc.) An additional .CO domain can enable such country-specific websites to open up international markets and attract global customers.

In addition, the abbreviation can also stand for terms such as community, co-working, consulting, connection and many more, instead of just company, corporation or commerce, thus offering a range of diverse possibilities of application.
The potential of this domain extension has also not gone unnoticed by search engine Google, which classifies this top-level domain as both a ccTLD and gTLD.

Take the chance while availability is still high and register your .CO domain with us!


Significant web addresses and short links (also called shorteners), were already acquired during the first week after the relaunch in June 2010 by well-known companies like Amazon (,,, , Volvo (, Google ( and Twitter ( at high prices. Google paid a measly 1.5 million US dollars for its shortcut.
One can only guess how many other large companies or brands have registered and thus protected .CO domains, but have not yet published them. This information is of course kept secret by the registries and registrars.

Also, when reselling .CO - Domains, the extension proves to be lucrative. Domain secondary market announced that .CO reached the second highest prices after .COM, amounts in the 5-digit range.
Company Myspace had missed out on claiming during the sunrise period and was only able to bid for this domain through Sedo at a high price.

8/6/20 August-Promo: With a ".CLICK" to your website

Speaking of a click, almost everyone these days primarily associates it with computers and the Internet. 
But there is more to it. Other associations are the sound of the shutter release of a camera or phrases like "it clicked", which are not only used when you have finally understood something, but also when something like love at first sight - or even at the first click - happens. 

That's why .click domains are not only suitable for "click-intensive" websites and online games, where .click is an invitation, i.e. a call-to-action, but also for photographers, model agencies or agencies for online advertising and marketing, and even dog trainers specializing in clicker training, as well as dating websites and many other services. A broader spectrum than one might think at first. 


8/2/20 PROMOS in August 2020 at INWX

Register in August 2020 your desired domain with a discount of up to 83%!

7/17/20 Trust with three letters: .ORG

As one of the original generic top-level domains (gTLDs), .ORG has driven millions of voices and inspirations around the world for nearly 35 years now, establishing itself as a respected and trusted domain. It is one of the most popular domains available, bringing together communities of interest, representing groups and inspiring people to work together (e.g. as an organization) for a greater cause. In 2012, more than ten million domain registrations had already been recorded. Some of the best known organizations include Greenpeace, Unicef, WWF as well as the encyclopedia Wikipedia and the online dictionary Leo.

Up until September 30th of this year you can register an .ORG domain that creates trust and a good reputation for 8,51* € instead of 13,81* €

* Price incl. 16% German VAT. Different tax rates may apply for your country.
We will show you the applicable prices in the customer area.