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Important nameserver changes

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

As a customer of INWX, you benefit from an anycast nameserver network that is distributed over all continents. Thanks to the anycast technology, your visitors will always receive the quickest answer to their queries to our two nameservers and, as the nearest nameserver is always queried. In fact, this highly available DNS infrastructure consists of over 30 locations distributed worldwide to ensure maximum availability.

We will soon be making some changes to the other locations:

  • On 01.10.2020 we will change the location of the nameserver to ensure even better connectivity. Due to the change of location, the IP address also changes. The old IP address will not work anymore. The new IP address is: (IPv6: 2a01:4f8:222:b03::2)
  • On 01.11.2020 we take the nameservers and out of operation.

The nameserver sets available in our customer area will be adjusted accordingly and you will not have to make any changes for your domains.

In the following cases you will still have to take action:

  • You use the INWX name servers as virtual nameservers. In this case, you will receive instructions by e-mail to adjust your affected domains.
  • You are using scripts that set one of the discontinued servers via API.


9/8/20 PROMOS in September 2020 at INWX

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8/6/20 INWX summer news

New accreditations

For the ccTLDs .cr (Costa Rica), .pe (Peru), .pt (Portugal) we are now directly accredited. This means improved support for our customers, as we have a direct connection to the registry via API and can interact with them faster.

28 TLDs new in our portfolio

.autos, .dealer, .homes, .yachts,,, .pf,, .aq, .cv,,,,,,,,,, .бел, .қаз, .обр.срб, .орг.срб, .од.срб, .пр.срб, .商店, .企业, .游戏, .娱乐, .中国, .新加坡, .சிங்கப்பூர்

Important change for SSL Certificates

As of September 1st 2020, 2-year SSL certificates can no longer be purchased. After the expiration of the certificates acquired prior to that date, 2-year certificates will no longer be supported by the browsers Safari and Chrome. Our SSL certificates with a term of 2 years offer you a price advantage of up to 15% compared to 1-year certificates, so get your certificates quickly before August 31st 2020!


8/6/20 .CO-ngratulations: celebrating the 10-year anniversary

Even though the country-specific top-level domain (ccTLD) of Colombia has been around since 1991, .CO is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer. How so? Only as of 2010 registrations are possible for everyone. Previously, this was reserved for citizens and companies from Colombia and only third-level domains could be registered. 

Since this major relaunch, the new registry has been aiming to market .CO as an alternative to .COM - and with great success.